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AAAC Ongoing Call for Submissions

Events. Locations. Works.

This ongoing call for submissions is dedicated to the phenomenal work of African American artists. If you, or someone you know, have an event, location, or artistic work in this genre, please share your talent and information with us. To share, simply click the pink plus icon on one of the tools below- a timeline for events, a map for locations, and walls for artistic work.  Use the plus and minus sign at the bottom of the map to zoom in and out for locations around the world.

Please check this page regularly to view the latest submissions.



All photos and content are copyrighted and may not be used without permission in writing from the artists.

AAAC Spiral Images Art Magazine 

Spiral Images Art Magazine is published quarterly online. Spiral Images contains an assortment of content about the artists of the African American Artists Collective along with articles pertaining to a variety of art practices, including artist profiles, stories, scholarly articles, poems, and art essays.  

Each publication will include the winner of the Spiral Image Art Magazine Feature Competition. The competition provides the opportunity for the artist with the highest number of votes to receive a full-page feature. Voters have the option to include a cash tip for the artists. 100% of tips are allocated to the artist.

To submit an artistic work, scholarly article, essay, or advertisement request, click here.

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