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Renovation Project

Fundraising Goal


Contribution Levels 


North Star

$15,000 – $10,000



$7,500 - $5,500 



$4,500 - $3,500



$2,500 - $1,500



$750 - $550


Your donation is tax-deductible.

This project is for the renovation of the second floor of the Arts Tech building in Kansas City, Missouri. The area will house the African American Artists Collective and its members.  This is the largest fundraising project in the history of the Collective.

To renovate, supply, and staff the space, the Collective will spend a total of $275,000. In doing so, we aim to expand the gallery space, artists' studio, maker spaces, and provide educational programming for adults.  

The project is currently in the fundraising stage. We hope you will join us in creating this space for our community.

While we are still growing, our goal is to educate the community about the African American and Black narrative through the arts as our legacy continues through the 21st century and beyond.  


About The AAAC

The African American Artists Collective was organized in 2014 due to the    

underserved and underrepresentation of African American and Black artists in the Kansas City area. 


African American and Black artists are vastly present in the arts community yet have fewer resources available to them in today’s arts and cultural society. 


Art is what gives life depth and meaning. It is how people come together, wrestle with big questions, understand the human condition, and expand our view of the world.


We believe that the African American and Black experience is important to the world and can be shared effectively through the work of artists.  


Your financial donation will have a significant impact and influence on the lives of the artists and arts programs that the AAA Collective offers. 

If you have any questions, please contact Sara Sonié Joi Thompson-Ruffin at or 816-560-6923.

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