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Empowering the Future of
African American Arts through Your Support

Over the past 10 years, the African American Artists Collective has successfully championed numerous initiatives that have empowered artists, nurtured creativity, and contributed to the cultural richness of our community.

Our organization is dedicated to advancing the arts in the African American community through a multifaceted approach encompassing arts programming, education, business planning, and advocacy. 

Your donation fuels varied events and exhibitions, uplifting artists. Enhance access to quality arts education, empower aspiring artists, and ensure cultural sustainability. Contribute to business planning resources for artists and advocate for inclusivity and equity in the arts sector. Your generosity impacts the lives of the artists and enriches our community. Join us on this journey. 

Please donate, your support matters – let's make a lasting difference in the African American arts community. Thank you!
About AAAC

The African American Collective was established in 2014 in response to the evident lack of support and representation for African American and Black artists in the Kansas City area. Despite their significant presence in the arts community, these artists often encounter limited resources within today's arts and cultural landscape. 

Art serves as a profound source of depth and meaning in life. It is a medium through which people unite, grapple with profound questions, comprehend the human condition, and broaden their perspectives on the world.

Our belief is rooted in the understanding that the African American and Black experience holds paramount importance globally and can be effectively communicated through the artistic endeavors of our community. We strive to address the disparities faced by these artists and provide them with the resources and platforms necessary to share their perspectives with the world.

If you have any questions, please contact founding member Executive Director 
Sonié Joi Thompson- Ruffin at 816-560-6923 |

Fundraising Goal


Contribution Levels 


North Star

$15,000 – $10,000



$7,500 - $5,500 



$4,500 - $3,500



$2,500 - $1,500



$750 - $550


Your donation is tax-deductible.

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