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Live Virtual Workshops are an opportunity for youth and adults to engage with the African American Artists Collective members, discuss works of art, and create artwork of their own. The workshop discussion will scale to the participants' age/grade level, and the art-making process will include materials sent by mail or adapt to the materials students have available. 

Sonie Ruffin photo taken by Jerry Talife

African American Quilt Books: Everything Started with A Needle & Thread

Sonié Joi Thompson-Ruffin

Contemporary Fabric Artist

When Sonié Ruffin was 4 years old her grandmother handed her a piece of fabric, needle, and thread and told her to go sew something. Little did Ruffin know that her childhood sewing assignment would change the course of her life. 

Sonié Ruffin is known nationally for her quilt art. She uses African fabrics, bold colors, furniture, leaves, and teardrops to teach people about history, community, and survival. 

Virtual Workshops
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