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Featured Exhibition: Autism & Jazz

Juilette Hemingway.jpg

Introducing Juliette Hemingway 

Digital Artist Denver based AAAC member 

 “The marks are me taking my life, growth, and expansion and making it visible. You are experiencing the visual dialogue of a life revolving around healing, autism, and awareness. I want you to see it and feel it.”

The exhibition’s focus is on Autism and jazz music. As a parent to a child diagnosed with Autism Juliette chose early on to use visual and musical art as vehicles to education and enhance her son’s ability to grow and function in a world that often times opposes people with special requirements. 

Denver artist Juliette Hemingway is a self-taught artist who is influenced by an eclectic set of artists such as, artists of the Harlem Renaissance and graffiti artists. Painting jazz-themed works is an ideal way to represent the ebbs and flows of life. It allows her to convey those moments in life that we all experience with music that is just as universal. Juliette describes her artistic process, the blue people that populate Hemingway’s work, including her many depictions of musicians, allude to her son Javari, who has autism and learned to communicate through drawing. 


Her work is indicative of a path that has been traveled to wellness and healing. There is not only the theme of music but also the blue-hued people who are ever-present in her work. The blue people acknowledge Autism as part of her life. Her son, and only child, has Autism and is integral in her life and her work. Whether she is painting about love, loss, or social commentary, autism is a part of that experience. 


The exhibition highlights over 20 extraordinary works of digital images that address the creative relationship of jazz music and autism through the artists’ perspective 

©2019 Juliette Hemingway, all rights reserved.

All photos and content are copyrighted and may not be used without permission in writing from the artist.

To fully experience the exhibition, click play on the featured jazz selection, then click to enter the exhibition.  

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Ongoing Call for Submissions

This call for submissions is dedicated to the phenomenal work of artists with disabilities. It is important to be aware that many people who do not have a disability now will have one in the future. Others will have a family member or a friend who will become disabled. We are all inspired by the accomplishments described here. If you or someone you know have the ability to inspire others with disabilities, please share your story and art with us. To share, simply click the pink plus icon on the map and feature boards below to submit information and artwork. Use the plus and minus sign at the bottom of the map to zoom in and out for locations around the world.



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